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Light Falls

Yan Pei-Ming

John Armleder

Wang Yuyang

23.10.2021 | 23.01.2022
Beijing Permanent Space

Expanding the activities of the gallery in Asia, MASSIMODECARLO is delighted to present MASSIMODECARLO BEIJING POP-UP a series of dedicated exhibitions open to the public throughout the end of January, located within the complex of Blanc International Contemporary Art Space in the Shunyi District of Beijing.

For the premiere, MASSIMODECARLO shows Light Falls, a selection of works by some of the most representative artists of the gallery.

Without being enclosed between genre or geographical boundaries, the exhibition features both European and Chinese artists, establishing a dialogue between abstract and figurative images.

On the main wall the works by John Armleder open the exhibition with their golden reflections. Chills (2019) fascinates the viewers with its game of lights and colours, reflected by the movements of Henry Bertoia's kinetic sculpture, which the artist has placed in front of the canvas.

At one side is 2 in 1 (2019) by Wang Yuyang characterized by its complex surface. In this work, the artist mixes oil paint with digital printing, to create an illusionistic surface that captures the light in its chromatic games.

On the other side is a masterpiece by Yan Pei-Ming, Golden Eagle. Here the show moves on a purely figurative plane. The well renown artist works with the two farthest colours, white and black. The vigorous brushstrokes interact with each other to shape the majestic animal out from his chiaroscuro background.

In between abstraction and figurative the minimalist work Division square (2018) by Carsten Höller closes the exhibition. In this series, the first line divides the paintings into two parts of the same size and every following line further divides the subsequent squares of one divided part into equal halves. Höller's discourse on method gives rise to infinite shades of colour, in a light fall from the gleaming pink to the much brighter yellow.

MASSIMODECARLO BEIJING POP-UP is a prelude of a stronger and more stable presence of the gallery in Mainland China where it has been active for more than two decades. Further news will be diffused soon.