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The Drawing Centre Show

Lenz Geerk

21.07.2022 | 22.01.2023
Le Consortium, Dijon

The Artist

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Lenz Geerk

Lenz Geerk was born in 1988 in Basel, Switzerland; He lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Lenz Geerk creates psychologically charged paintings that are removed from any specific time or place. With a style well-rooted in the history of art, Geerk showcases a unique technique that is recognisably his own. The characters in his paintings are plucked from his meandering dreams, and they are emphasised in such a way as to reveal the hidden emotions of the human psyche.

Geerk, in his paintings, uses postures and gestures to express a fragile moment, not derived from any specific model or photograph but instead expressed through the atmosphere and body language. His nearly monochromatic palettes, with occasional warming hues, enhance further the aura of emotional tension in his works.

The artist's focus on isolation sets his creatures apart from the ordinary and tired visual language of our time. Instead, he invites the viewer to experience moments of humour and tenderness through his imagination. Geerk does not protest, nor does he let go, but instead, he calls for intimacy, introversion, and pensiveness. In his paintings, Geerk captures the essence of our condition, exploring the depths of the psyche and the complexities of human emotion.