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Stinking Dawn, Gelitin & Liam Gillick


05.07.2019 | 06.10.2019
Kunsthalle Wien, Wien

Gelitin is a collective comprised of Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither, and Tobias Urban. The four artists first met at a summer camp in 1978, where they began to collaborate. However, Gelitin didn't officially form and begin exhibiting until 1993. They work and live in Vienna, Austria.

Gelitin's projects span a wide range of mediums, from performance and installation to sculpture and new media. Despite this diversity, their work is united by a shared purpose: to challenge the conventional relationship between artwork and audience.

Gelitin frequently invites audience participation in their work, encouraging viewers to become co-creators and collaborators rather than passive spectators. In some cases, they even invite the destruction of the artwork, blurring the boundaries between creation and demolition.

Through their unique blend of humour, spontaneity, childlike naiveté, and bold sexuality, Gelitin has established itself as a pioneering force in the art world. Their work challenges viewers to see the world from a new perspective and embrace the unexpected. By blurring the lines between art and life, Gelitin offers a playful and imaginative escape from the mundane

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