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Painting into the Fold

Giorgio Griffa

28.08.2015 | 18.10.2015
Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
Giorgio Griffa

Giorgio Griffa was born in Turin in 1936 where he still lives and works. He is an Italian painter, from the 60s-70s one of the main international exponents of contemporary pictorial research. Although his work has been associated with Arte Povera, Pittura Analitica and Minimalism, Griffa's path, while rich in exchanges and friendships, remains mostly solitary and unclassifiable in a specific current.

He starts the exhibition activity in 1968. He collaborates with Gian Enzo Sperone until he moves his gallery to Rome. Later he collaborated with other galleries including Sonnabend in New York and Paris, Martano, Salzano, Biasutti in Turin, Toselli, Ariete, Templon, Lorenzelli, Milione, Guastalla in Milan, Samangallery in Genoa, Godel, Primo Piano, Malborough, E.Tre , Mara Coccia, Oddi Baglioni, Lorcan O'Neill in Rome, Casey Kaplan in New York, Xavier Hufkens in Bruxelles and MASSIMODECARLO in Milan

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