MDC 11

In là

Massimo Bartolini

The record In là is the latest release in a long series of collaborations between renowned avant-garde musician Gavin Bryars and visual artist Massimo Bartolini.

On the occasion of Hagoromo, the recent exhibition at Centro Pecci di Prato (curated by Luca Cerizza with Elena Magini, 15/9/2022-7/5/2023), Bartolini designed a seventy-five-meter-long organ which using scaffolding tubes in place of organ pipes. Invited to compose a specific polyphonic score for the installation, which occupied seven of the ten exhibition rooms, Bryars assigned each room a unique melody, creating a richly layered soundscape that continuously shifts alongside the viewers as they move through the space. The title In is, in Italian, a play on words, referring to both the note ‘la’ in sol-fa musical scale system and the translation of ‘in là’, meaning something farther away in the distance, somewhere ‘beyond’ the space you are currently in. Due to the shape and size of the organ itself, the music too is always ‘in là’/’beyond’ and can never be experienced in its entirety by a single listener. The record captures the four potential aural walks that the exhibition goer could experience when following the different routes possible through the exhibition space.

Recorded by Attila Faravelli (with Luca Cerizza), mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, produced by Emanuele Carcano for Alga Marghen, In là is issued also in a special edition with a cover designed by the Bartolini and includes an etchingby the same Bartolini, signed in 90 exemplars.

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