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The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Story

Ruby Neri

Hilary Pecis

Megan Reed

Lily Stockman

Austyn Weiner

11.07.2023 | 04.08.2023
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MASSIMODECARLO is delighted to present The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Story, an extraordinary group exhibition that brings together the distinctive work by Ruby Neri, Hilary Pecis, Megan Reed, Lily Stockman, and Austyn Weiner for the very first time. Over the past few years, these five artists have nurtured their unique artistic voices within the same studio complex in Frogtown, Los Angeles, creating an organic yet coincidental community of women artists connected by their shared workspace.

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Within the spaces of Casa Corbellini-Wassermann, these artists, each with their own distinctive styles and practices, converge in an intergenerational collaboration. Reed and Neri, acclaimed sculptors; Pecis, a master of contemporary still life painting; and Weiner and Stockman, renowned abstractionists, come together to present their collective support and foster artistic synergy.

In an era where traditional artistic groups and movements are increasingly rare, Neri, Pecis, Reed, Stockman, and Weiner boldly defy such categorisations, revealing their unwavering admiration for one another while maintaining their individuality. The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Storycelebrates artistic diversity and highlights the power of coexistence among artists.

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Neri, a sculptor known for her porous female figures, was the first to establish her presence in the Frogtown warehouse. She was followed by Stockman, a painter specialising in biomorphic compositions, and Pecis, who captures saturated domestic scenes. Reed, a student of Neri's, joined the lineup with her colourful contemporary relics. Weiner, known for her energetic lines, was the final addition to the complex of studios. Despite their striking differences, these five artists find inspiration in the daily exchange and proximity of their studio spaces.

Neri, hailing from a family of artists who inspired her, became involved in graffiti and street art in the 1990s, influenced by the culture and art of the West Coast. Her exploration eventually led her from two-dimensional mediums to sculpture. In the exhibition, Neri presents one of her glazed ceramic pieces depicting a crouching female figure, characterised by voluptuous shapes and vibrant colours.

Reed, both a sculptor and painter, studied at the California College of the Arts under Neri's guidance. Reed's sculptures, characterised by their vivid colours and a touch of whimsy, emerge from the creative fusion of readily available packaging materials such as Styrofoam, plywood, cardboard, and plaster. Her choice to utilise these materials stems from a profound response to the overwhelming nature of consumer culture. Through her works, Reed breathes new life into discarded remains, giving birth to a whimsical cast of characters that serve as modern-day reliquaries.

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Pecis, the non-abstract painter of the group, portrays vivid contemporary still lives. While her work may lack figurative representation, it exudes a personal and familiar atmosphere through the portrayal of curated everyday life. Pecis captures rooms adorned with carpets, art books, pillows, and vases, all filled with saturated colours. This attention to detail mirrors the artist's audacity and appreciation for visually stimulating compositions. Pecis herself expresses, "there's something comforting in a scene that's just packed with information." Pecis combines unexpected colour juxtapositions in a complementary manner, positioning her work in parallel with modernist art movements like Fauvism.

Stockman draws inspiration from her deep-rooted affinity for the natural world and her captivation with the fundamental principles of structure, encompassing the rhythmic cadence of poetry, the intricacies of social hierarchies, and the harmonious arrangements found in musical form. Meticulously crafting compositions of organic shapes, geometries, and vibrant fields of colour, the artist's work exists within the realm of abstraction yet subtly evokes glimpses of tangible entities, reminiscent of flowers and ethereal landscapes. Through her artistic process, Stockman deftly captures and suspends fleeting moments of transition, preserving them for eternity

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Weiner, the youngest member of the group and the most recent to relocate her studio to Glover Place approaches painting with exuberance, delving into the fluidity of romance, rejection, isolation, and performance. Her large-scale canvases reflect her idiosyncratic perspective on current issues, which she explores through constant doodling and drawing. The outbursts of colour and uncontrolled shapes in her work create a sense of organised chaos and freedom that she uniquely captures. Sometimes, she simultaneously works on "twenty-five paintings at a time," reinforcing the notion that inspiration cannot be constrained.

The artists of The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Story, despite their diverse backgrounds, individual approaches, and well-established careers, find themselves bound by mutual respect and a shared affinity for vibrant colour palettes. Their unwavering exploration, dynamic connections, and harmonious artistic coexistence found a sense of belonging within the lively studios of Frogtown, Los Angeles, as well as within the architectural gem of Casa Corbellini-Wassermann in Milan.

The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Story will be accompanied by an exclusive catalogue that includes interviews with the five artists conducted by renowned international art critics. The catalogue is set to be released in the upcoming Fall season.

Additionally, the exhibition serves as the perfect opportunity to unveil a special edition created collaboratively by the five artists. This unique edition is now available for purchase at shop.massimodecarlo.com.