Heejoon Lee

01.08.2023 | 04.08.2023
Pièce Unique

MASSIMODECARLO Pièce Unique is delighted to present, Scaffolding, a solo exhibition by Heejoon Lee, marking his anticipated European debut. Lee's mixed media abstract paintings transcend the boundaries of painting and photography, forging a distinctive visual language that reflects the artist's lived experiences and environment. Influenced by the built environment, Lee's artworks merge print media with precisely painted geometric shapes, resulting in a layered effect that evokes a new dimension of space.

Lee's creative process commences with keen observation, capturing fleeting moments from his daily life using a mobile phone camera. After carefully selecting the most resonant images, he enlarges and edits them before printing onto paper, which becomes the foundation for his canvas. Leveraging his deep understanding of colour and form, Lee then applies thick layers of wet media and meticulously drawn small squares, employing a custom-made squeegee to create a tactile texture that carries profound significance.

With a profound appreciation for architectural forms, Lee's paintings are informed by his fascination with the built environment and its influence on our perception of the world. Through abstraction, he captures the anonymous sensations of the city, translating the rhythms and textures of urban life into a universal language that resonates with diverse audiences.

Through his unwavering exploration of painting as a medium, Heejoon Lee has reimagined the two-dimensional frame, constructing compositions that embody the aesthetic qualities observed in our surroundings. His distinct shapes and colours showcase his meticulous observation of daily life, while his paintings candidly and universally frame contemporary society.

The Artist

Heejoon Lee