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Liu Shangying and Brian Rochefort

Brian Rochefort

Shangying Liu

11.02.2023 | 23.04.2023
Beijing Permanent Space
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MASSIMODECARLO is pleased to announce a dialogue exhibition between Chinese artist Liu Shangying and Los Angeles-based sculptor Brian Rochefort. This exhibition brings together two different artists and their unique perspectives on their surroundings, resulting in a celebration of nature's beauty and abstract spontaneity. While at first glance, their works may appear contrasting, upon closer inspection, one can grasp the shared themes and motifs that run through their creations, imbuing them with a sense of awe and reverence for the world's beauty.

Liu Shangying's connection to the wilderness is evident in his work, as he often paints in remote and depopulated locations - such as the Tibetan Plateau, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang - drawing inspiration from the beauty and cruelty of nature. Shangying's paintings are not just representations of the landscape but are the landscape itself, transcending and eternalising the instantaneous continuum of the universe. He uses the act of painting to completely integrate himself with nature, creating a bridge between the self and the environment.

On the other hand, Brian Rochefort's sculptures are a testament to his mastery of ceramics, created through multiple firings and intricate layering of glaze and texture. His sculptures, resembling craters and vessels, mimic the explosiveness and beauty of the natural world. In this exhibition, Rochefort showcases a continuum from his crater sculptures, inviting the audience on an adventure across the lush, natural marvels of remote places.

Beginning with small cylinders and adding layer upon layer of glaze and colour, Rochefort’s final product is chromatically rich and varied in surface volume. He pushes the limits of the medium of ceramics, constantly exploring new techniques and processes. As an avid explorer, Rochefort’s solid vibrant chunks of clay pay tribute to the untamed natural beauty of remote locations, from volcanic landscapes to tropical rainforests, from rugged mountains to barrier reefs.

The artists, both focused on portraying and expressing natural beauty through different mediums, display and pair a series of works that dialogue with each other in different languages. While Shangying's paintings are an outpouring of his emotions and experiences, a harmonious fusion of himself and the environment, Rochefort's craters present us with his reinterpretation of remote, almost otherworldly landscapes.

The works of Shangying and Rochefort on display at MASSIMODECARLO Beijing form a symphony of art and nature, a harmonious blend of two distinct perspectives and two unique voices. They are united by a common thread of inspiration from the world around them, a strong sense of abstract spontaneity, and a deep connection to the beauty of the earth. Their exhibition is a tribute to the power of the creative spirit and the wonder of the natural world, a celebration of the beauty and majesty of the earth.