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Lu Song

04.12.2021 | 27.01.2022
Beijing Permanent Space
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MASSIMODECARLO Beijing Pop Up presents Lead, an exhibition by Lu Song that brings into the physical space the narrative presented through the homonymous project the artist has curated for MASSIMODECARLO VSpace.

Moving from the virtual into the physical, Lu Song brings to his viewers a new series of works under the title Empty Space. The title originates from a book about Washitsu, referring to Japanese-style rooms. A Washitsu usually contains a tokonoma (an alcove), fusuma (sliding doors), and thin interior walls. In a Washitsu, the light delineates the room with shades and shadows: the tokonoma, as the focal point for the interior, serves as the darkest section, whereas the fusuma on the front becomes the brightest, and the walls indicate a certain degree of grayish shades.

The different parts have spatial interconnections perceptible from the light-and-dark relations. Here Lu Song sees an invisible power, a hidden truth, a truth that cannot be seen but is perceptible through the relationship between things. The Tokonoma is a particular type of niche dedicated to the family. It is the heart of the space in a Washitsu. The English term for tokonoma is Empty Space. Song thus reproduces the concept of tokonoma through his Empty Space.

Giving depth to the flat surfaces without using dark shadows but instead covering them with a layer of gauzy white, Song reveals a unique sort of texture that enhances the aerial perspective and makes the images seem shrouded in the mist. By partially hiding the space with colors and tree branches in the foreground, Lu Song blurs the back views and creates the illusion of distance in his paintings.

"For me, the open empty space is the embodiment of all uncertainties, and I make it visible by emphasizing the relationship between the known and the unknown".

With Lead MASSIMODECARLO presents an integration of physical and digital exhibitions, a new experimental format that originates from the gallery experience with virtual reality. Lead will also be available to experience through Oculus VR technology across all MASSIMODECARLO galleries around the globe (Milano, London, Paris, and Hong Kong).

The Artist

Lu Song

Lu Song