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Giant Triple Mushroom (Fly Agaric, Bay Bolete, Plums and Custard)

Carsten Höller

28.03.2023 | 01.04.2023
Pièce Unique

Giant Triple Mushroom (Fly Agaric, Bay Bolete, Plums and Custard) is Carsten Höller’s first solo exhibition at MASSIMODECARLO Pièce Unique.

My objects are tools or devices with a specified use, which is to create a moment of slight confusion or to induce hallucinations in the widest sense. That is why I call them confusion machines.

- Carsten Höller, 2001

As a natural-scientist-turned-artist, Carsten Höller is deeply interested in evolutionary forces, as well as human emotionality and the relationships between them. Through his installations and other works, he induces states of confusion and doubt but also excitement and delight in the audience. Despite being elusive in many ways, Höller intentionally fosters a sense of perplexity, often resulting in diverse and even contradictory interpretations of his work.

Nature, for Höller, is both a muse and a canvas. Through his art, he seeks to capture the essence of the natural world and, inevitably, the passage of time as we perceive it. His works are a reflection on the unknown forces that govern our life, being it time, being alive, or consciousness.

Within the gallery space, Höller's Giant Triple Mushroom assumes a "life" of its own, as it is being turned 90 degrees each day around its central axis. Passers-by will wonder if the sculpture is the same one they saw there yesterday. The mushroom assumes the role of a clock.

Giant Triple Mushrooms are spectacular sculptures composed of one-half fly agaric and two-quarters of other mushrooms, between 1 and 7 meters high.

The mushroom's motion serves as a reminder of the forces that shapes everything around us, from the tiniest of organisms to the grandest of landscapes. And in its massive presence, the Giant Triple Mushroom compels us to pause, embrace uncertainty, and marvel at the beauty and enigma of the natural world.

The Artist

Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller

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