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Battito di Ciglia

Urs Fischer

20.09.2016 | 17.12.2016

The Artist

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Urs Fischer

Urs Fischer was born in 1973 in Zürich, in Switzerland; he lives and works in New York. 

Working in collage, drawing, sculpture, and most notably installation, Urs Fischer is known worldwide for large-scale sculptures and installations that explore a wide range of materials from popular culture, focusing on making objects borrowed from everyday life. “Everybody likes objects; everybody likes different objects,” he has said. “It comes down to what objects you want to put in your art.” One of Fischer’s primary interests is the spontaneous process of creating and destroying materials. Whether utilizing foodstuffs or more self–destructive mediums, such as soft wax that simply melts away, Fischer mines the endless possibilities of a particular material to introduce an additional dimension into the work: that of time

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