Hejum Bä

18.07.2023 | 22.07.2023
Pièce Unique

MASSIMODECARLO Pièce Unique is delighted to present, Access, a solo exhibition by Hejum Bä, marking her anticipated European debut. In this exhibition, Bä presents a new body of work that demonstrates her embrace of abstraction, signifying a deliberate departure from concrete and tangible shapes. This artistic choice enables a nuanced exploration of the evolving paradigms within our technologically mediated reality. By relinquishing strict adherence to forms, Bä's work ventures into a realm where colours intermingle freely, disregarding the boundaries imposed by conventional shapes. This dissolution of rigid structures can be interpreted as a metaphorical response to the accelerating speed of information and our increasingly rapid interactions with images and technology.

Bä's artistic practice is profoundly influenced by her astute comprehension of modern communication mechanisms, encompassing both verbal and nonverbal language, as well as the intricate codes we employ in our daily lives. Rather than solely stemming from pure emotion or intuition, Bä's vibrant abstract compositions serve as layered representations of movements observed in our interactions with smartphones, such as "swiping" and "tapping." Through explorations of surface and background, the interplay of colours and lines, her paintings delve into the intricate relationship between visual elements.

In Bä's artistic vision, the canvases do not function as standalone messages but rather as reflections of the overwhelming flow of messages that saturate our existence. By eschewing figurative subjects, each artwork becomes an analysis of the process of unlocking meaning, akin to navigating from one side of the screen to another or deciphering messages from one side to another, ultimately accessing an alternate dimension.

These elusive rhythms reflect a deep engagement with the dynamic nature of our contemporary existence. The artist's pictorial analysis enters a new phase, seeking to capture and convey the transient and ever-changing nature of our relationship with the digital world.

The Artist

Hejum Bä
Lives and works in Korea.