Risorgimento - Milano Virtual Art Summer

09.06.2020 | 16.08.2020

In a moment in which the art system is challenged by the effects of the Coronavirus, and experimenting has become a key to overcome this unprecedented global scenario, Massimo De Carlo is pleased to present RISORGIMENTO Milan Virtual Art Summer.

By inviting the most interesting contemporary art gallery and spaces in Milano, RISORGIMENTO Milan Virtual Art Summer brings together the best energies of the city in a new and exceptional format. Throughout the summer (June-July-August 2020, detailed program here below) Massimo De Carlo VSpace will transform into the house of five important guests who will each organize autonomous exhibitions, namely: Fanta-MLN, ICA Milano, Francesca Minini, Galleria Federica Schiavo, Galleria Federico Vavassori. This series of exhibitions will be hosted on both the guests’ website (also listed here below) and on VSpace at massimodecarlo.com.

Milan has recently emerged as one of the most important hubs for culture, together with being an example of a new conception for a contemporary city: active, cosmopolitan, culture oriented, and an open platform where art, fashion, and design intertwine in unique ways. Milan and the Lombardy region has been hit dramatically by the pandemic and it feels urgent to offer to professionals and to the general public the chance to get in touch with our strong community. RISORGIMENTO Milan Virtual Art Summer is a representative and exciting picture of Milan’s contemporary cultural landscape.

The exhibitions will take place digitally in Massimo De Carlo Virtual Space, the first of its kind in the art world: constructed with the newest technologies, VSpace is a complete immersive walkable experience that any viewer can enjoy through the internet or through the Oculus glasses hardware. Moreover, because of its digital identity, the VSpace is completely flexible and adaptable to any exhibition scenario and therefore the perfect platform to be interpreted and shared to serve a higher communal effort.

Fanta-MLN (fanta-mln.it) > from June 9 until June 21 VIEW EXHIBITION HERE ICA Milano (icamilano.it) > from June 23 until July 5 VIEW EXHIBITION HERE Francesca Minini (francescaminini.it) > From July 7 until July 19 VIEW EXHIBITION HERE Schiavo Zoppelli Gallery (federicaschiavo.com) > From July 21 until August 2 VIEW EXHIBITION HERE Galleria Federico Vavassori (federicovavassori.com) > From August 4 until August 16 VIEW EXHIBITION HERE