Feelings on Paper

Chi Ming

Song Kun

Wang You

Yan Bing

Ye Jiang

24.08.2021 | 09.10.2021

MASSIMODECARLO is pleased to present a virtual exhibition curated by artist Liu Xiaodong at MASSIMODECARLO VSpace. The exhibition, which is the seventh in a series of artist curated projects, presents a thoughtful selection of works on paper by artists: Song Kun, Yan Bing, Chi Ming, Ye Jiang and Wang You.

“I was invited to curate an online exhibition by MASSIMODECARLO Gallery. I’m not a curator, and I don’t have the vision of one, so I chose four young artists that paint for a living (steadily live off their painting) and a young woman that makes a living as an actress.

The reason why I chose them is essentially because I believe they are skilled painters that I would want to collect myself, and I trust that many people can afford to.

Song Kun, an outstanding painter, paints diligently and possesses excellent technique. She inherited the magic of lines and a heartfelt sensibility from the Oriental Buddha images and Botticelli and started her unique artistic career.

Yan Bing, born in rural Gansu, worked his way to being admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. A steady temperament, he started his personal narration by using the soil of his very own hometown.

Chi Ming is a gifted painter with an excellent touch, he conveys with meticulous care and flawless artistry both complex emotions and trivial things. His brushwork is delicate and rich in substance.

Ye Jiang, as good a touch as Chi Ming’s, went to graduate school in the US, which broadened his vision. In his works, installations and oil painting complement each other to great benefit. He has a bright future.

I learned about Wang You’s talent on WeChat. Although she was trained in film directing and works as an actress, I’m a huge admirer of her painting. She has an unmatched freedom that rarely professional painters can rarely allow themselves. I often look at her drawing with envy.

As a painter, I have great admiration for these artists, I hope the audience will feel the same. During this pandemic let’s spend some time together by glancing over beautiful artworks (beautiful things)”. Liu Xiaodong