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Maurizio Cattelan

29.03.2022 | 29.07.2022

MASSIMODECARLO is proud to present Maurizio Cattelan’s YOU on March 28.

YOU is a brand new project that reflects upon fundamental human instincts: love, friendship, affection, power, loss and defeat. This new work of art appears as a revelation and opens the door to an unexpected space, used here for the first time, within the meandering rooms of the gallery’s Casa Corbellini-Wassermann.

YOU is a hallucination, a simultaneous image of control and failure. A generous welcoming gesture or a sad and inevitable farewell, YOU explores the role of the individual in the collective realm: an admission of surrender, or perhaps an affirmation of kindness. This new intervention by Maurizio Cattelan affirms the death of great powers, while infusing a new energy in the strength of the individual. Despite trying to create a distance between the work and the viewer, Maurizio Cattelan’s YOU is certainly all about us.

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Maurizio Cattelan