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Elmgreen & Dragset

03.05.2015 | 27.06.2015
Massimo De Carlo, Milano

Massimo De Carlo gallery is pleased to present Stigma, Elmgreen & Dragset’s third solo exhibition in the gallery, on view from May 3rd through June 27th in Milan. The exhibition features a new series of works titled Side Effects – a number of custom-made glass vases displayed throughout the main gallery space. The uniform shape of these hand blown vases recalls that of an urn, yet here they are slightly slimmer, sleeker and oversized, ranging from 50 to 90 cm in height. Each vase is filled with the actual pigments used to coat pills in the latest generation of HIV medicines, such as Truvada, Atripla, Stribild and Isentress. The pastel color pigments – peach, pink, mint green and light blue – evoke a sense of innocence and put forth an outwardly harmless façade, an attractive, almost candy-like appearance that contradicts the toxic reality of these medications.

Employing and at the same time subverting the tenets of minimalism, Side Effects can be seen in a historical context of works by artists such as Roni Horn or Félix González-Torres, or as an updated version of the artist group General Idea’s PLA©EBO from 1991. However, today HIV is no longer considered a fatal disease and with new medicines, patients can count on a close to normal life expectancy, though often burdened with various side effects. In spite of the record high numbers of newly infected young people in recent years, the media and governments seem to have lost their interest in the subject matter now that HIV is no longer a sensational topic. Elmgreen & Dragset’s vases stand in groups of one, two or three, according to the daily prescribed pill dosage and combination of each medicine. They are displayed on low, clinical looking plinths made in stainless steel, reminiscent of the sterile interior of a laboratory as well as of Donald Judd’s aesthetics.

In the gallery’s adjacent room, Elmgreen & Dragset guide the audience into a more intimate ambience that contrasts with the previous hall, presenting a single sculptural work entitled TRACES, a lone streamer hanging from a switched on wall lamp, as though left behind after a party. The pastel colors of the metal cast streamer are similar to those of the pigments in the Side Effects series.

During the 1990s, AIDS was a much-debated subject in the work of prominent visual artists, but today it appears less frequently in the context of contemporary art. With Stigma, Elmgreen & Dragset again refer to the illness, but now at a time when treatment has become more manageable due to the new medicines available on the market. The title Stigma underlines the societal consequences and lingering prejudices that still continue to surround the disease.

Elmgreen & Dragset

迈克尔·埃尔姆格林 (Michael Elmgreen) 1961 年出生于丹麦哥本哈根; Ingar Dragset 1969 年出生于挪威特隆赫姆; 他们自 1995 年以来一直作为艺术家二人组工作。他们在柏林生活和工作。 为了向公众揭示和重新定义艺术世界、其文化机构及其成果,埃尔姆格林和德拉塞特从日常生活中汲取灵感,通过强烈而令人不安的幽默感批评当代社会和政治结构。 他们以其众多的公共建筑和表演设施而闻名,其中包括 2005 年建成的位于德克萨斯州沙漠中部的 Prada 商店 Prada Marfa,以及 2003 年米兰维托里奥·埃马努埃莱画廊 (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele) 中汽车拔地而起的 Short Cut ,与尼古拉·特鲁萨迪基金会 (Fondazione Nicola Trussardi) 共同制作。 Elmgreen & Dragset 通过创作令人震惊且壮观的图像不断挑战公众及其想象力。

艾姆格林和德拉塞特被任命为第十五届伊斯坦布尔双年展(2017 年)的策展人。 他们在第 53 届威尼斯双年展(2009 年)丹麦和北欧馆的《收藏家》中获得特别提名,并在柏林汉堡火车站荣获著名的国家美术馆奖(2002 年)。

Elmgreen Dragset Photo Andrea Rossetti Pw Ve5 L