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Mei Gui

Roberto Cuoghi

22.09.2006 | 04.10.2006
Massimo De Carlo, Milano
Recorded by the artist in “solo” playing recycled instruments and edited with an audio software, this song is the paradoxical version of a popolar chinese song already forgotten. Apparently credible to a listener who belives to listen to a traditional chinese song, the work become meaningful and change its edges if the process of falsification is perceived. After Mbube (2005), Mei Gui is the second work where Cuoghi chooses to work on a song whose history is characterized by a deep injustice.* √µπ (Rose) following the Pinyin transcription is written as Mei Gui, in Hong Kong is known as Mui Kuai, but has been also reported as May Kway and, in an english version, Make Way.

The Artist

Roberto Cuoghi
Modena, 1973. Lives and works in Milano.