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Group Show

Alighiero Boetti

Roni Horn

Henrik Olesen

Simon Cutts

Cathy Wilkes

Martin Boyce

Odilon (Jean-Bertrand) Redon

Elizabeth Bishop

Paul Elliman

Enzo Mari

Ugo Mulas

William Carlos Williams

Bruno Munari

13.02.2007 | 24.03.2007
Massimo De Carlo, Milano
If when my wife is sleepingand the baby and Kathleenare sleepingand the sun is a flame-white discin silken mistsabove shining trees,--if I in my north roomdance naked, grotesquelybefore my mirrorwaving my shirt round my headand singing softly to myself: "I am lonely, lonely.I was born to be lonely,I am best so!"If I admire my arms, my face,my shoulders, flanks, buttocksagainst the yellow drawn shades,--Who shall say I am notthe happy genius of my household? curated by Jason DodgeElizabeth Bishop Alighiero e BoettiMartin BoyceSimon CuttsPaul EllimanRoni HornEnzo Mari Ugo MulasBruno MunariHenrik OlesenOdilon RedonCathy WilkesWilliam Carlos WilliamsThe title of Jason Dodge’s first exhibition as a curator, is the poem “Danse Russe” written by the American poet William Carlos Williams. The poem is the central work of the show. Jason Dodge meant to create an unusual and original itinerary assembling together historic, recent and unpublished works with different objects: a toy-polaryscope by Bruno Munari to see light fluctuating, a poem by Elizabeth Bishop describing the change of an existence after reading The National Geographic Magazine - which is shown in the exhibition as well - and a table built by Dodge himself following Enzo Mari’s instructions. All exposed works and objects refer to a precise idea: everything you see and has the power to change yourself becomes part of you. Jason Dodge shows us how observing a work, reading a story, being struck by an image is a creative act, it’s an act of creation. This act takes shape when we possess what we see, read and hear, when what moved us becomes ours.