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Are You Glad to Be in America?

Steven Parrino

Kaari Upson

Nate Lowman

Marianne Vitale

Robert Longo

Richard Prince

Glenn Ligon

John Goldstein

15.02.2011 | 23.04.2011
Massimo De Carlo, Milano

The 15th February 2011 Massimo De Carlo opens the group show Are You Glad to Be in America? Using the title of the renowned 1980 album of James Blood Ulmer, the group show offers a global view of American society, of its contradictions, culture and symbols. A selection of fifty song lyrics by afro-american authors joins the exhibited works. Gill Scott-Heron, James Brown, Tupac and Cypress Hill, amongst others, deal with the same issues treated by Jack Goldstein, Glenn Ligon, Robert Longo, Nate Lowman, Steven Parrino, Richard Prince, Kaari Upson and Marianne Vitale in their works.