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Animals Works

Carsten Höller

05.05.2011 | 08.07.2011
Massimo De Carlo, Milano

Massimo De Carlo opens Carsten Höller’s solo show Animals Works. One of the world's most well known and respected artists returns to Milan with a site specific project that tracks the artist’s interest in the animal kingdom. With a degree in Agronomy, specialised in Phytopathology and a thesis on insect olfactory communication, Carsten Höller conquered the art world during the nineties. He employs a pseudo-scientific approach to investigating objective reality and its perception; disorientation is an intrinsic component of his work.

The Artist

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Carsten Höller

卡斯滕·霍勒 (CARSTEN HÖLLER) 1961年生于比利时布鲁塞尔,现工作生活于瑞典斯德哥尔摩和加纳比里瓦。



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