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Roman Nose

Maysha Mohamedi

22.02.2022 | 05.03.2022
Pièce Unique

The Nose Knows
An aquiline nose (also called a Roman nose) is a human nose with a prominent bridge, giving it the appearance of being curved or slightly bent.

[ ak-wuh-lahyn, -lin ] adjective

1. (of the nose) shaped like an eagle's beak; hooked.

2. of or like the eagle.

In ancient Rome, the eagle was known as the king of birds. It was a symbol of imperial power, and therefore represented courage, strength, and immortality.

The No’s Know
“I had grown used to hearing that I was exotic and high fashion. It means that my nose was too big for American commercials. Yes! My nose was too big.”

She is delighted when she is described as the owner of a ‘statement nose.’
“Beautifully put, a schnoz!”

She Knows Nose
“Now tell me, why were you staring at my nose?”
“Oh, I wasn’t staring!”
“Does it astonish you?”
“Why no, I’ve been careful not to look” “Well, why not, if you please? Possibly you find it just a trifle large?”
“No, it’s small! VERY small! Tiny! Infinitesimal!”
“What?! You accuse me of absurdity? Small? My nose? Why… MAGNIFICANT my nose! Know that I glory in this nose of mine. For a great nose indicates a great [woman]! Genial, courteous, courageous!”

From the Nose Flows
Look at the lovely Bebe Daniels, with her Roman nose and elevated aggression bump: everything she touches turns to money.

A Nose by Any Other Name
Would smell as sweet.


Maysha Mohamedi
Los Angeles, USA, 1980. Lives and works in San Francisco.