De Carlo

— Milano / Lombardia


Massimo De Carlo gallery was founded in Milano in 1987. Since the beginning Massimo De Carlo gallery program included young and prominent artists such as, among others, Alighiero Boetti, Rudolf Stingel, Maurizio Cattelan, and Yan Pei-Ming. The global affirmation of these and the other artists of the gallery has favoured its  on-going success.

For 30 years Massimo De Carlo has been playing a fundamental role in bringing the most interesting voices of international art to the Italian scene, and Italian artists into the global arena. This contributed to the promotion and establishment of a vital dialogue between the artists and national and international institutions, encouraging relationships between galleries, critics, curators, and collectors. Throughout the years, the gallery’s artists have been shown in international museums and biennials, and thus obtained an outstanding place into important public and private art collections.

Massimo De Carlo is pleased to announce the opening of the new headquarters in Milan, situated in Viale Lombardia 17, the building known as Casa Corbellini-Wasserman, which was built in the early 1930s (1934-1936) by the renowned Italian architect Piero Portaluppi.

— Milano / Belgioioso


这第二个新展览场地毗邻文图拉街 5号, 位于米兰历史城区的比利时大厦内。

比利时大厦俯瞰同名的比利时广场,处于米兰中心区域。离大教堂广场和斯卡拉剧院只有几步之遥,1787年由建筑师Giuseppe Piermarini设计建造。

— London


2009年,Massimo De Carlo以Carlson画廊的名字在伦敦开启了其第一个画廊 。


随着市场的发展,画廊不断扩大。2012年,Massimo De Carlo画廊迁至位于奥德利南街的新展览场地。现在以伦敦Massimo De Carlo名字运营的画廊处于Mayfair 中心区一幢三层的英式传统建筑内。

— Hong Kong


2016年3月,Massimo De Carlo 在香港成立了新的画廊,画廊位于Pedder 大楼内中心区域。

在亚洲区 - 中国和香港运营了多年之后,Massimo De Carlo成为香港巴塞尔艺术节评委,在中国开始了其新的征程,旨在使画廊成为文化全景整体发展的一部分。

在香港的新展区是Massimo De Carlo的第三处画廊。香港的画廊是在Massimo De Carlo画廊30岁生日前揭幕的。