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Sanford Biggers


05.05.2021 | 29.06.2021
Rockefeller Center, New York


The monumental Oracle commission, installed at the entrance to the Channel Gardens, is the largest yet in Biggers’ ongoing Chimera series, which consists of hybrid sculptures that merge mythology and history. Each is a mashup of masks and figurative sculptures from different countries and cultures, including Greco-Roman and African sculptures. “What we think we know about these objects and how they represent certain cultures is not always true,” Biggers says. What he refers to as “historical abstraction” is a recurring theme in his work. “Stories and narratives have been built over centuries upon those objects.” The imposing figure of Oracle, in particular, combines elements of an ancient depiction of Zeus with an “Africoid mask-bust figure” that’s a composite of several masks and busts from different African cultures, Biggers says.