Passive ['pasiv] adj. [from late Latin passivus, derivation of passus, past part. of pati ‘suffer’]. – aggressive [a'gresiv] adj. [derivation of Latin aggressus, past part. of aggrEdi ‘attack’].

1. Denoting a type of personality or behaviour marked by the expression of negative emotions in a passive or indirect way through manipulation or non-cooperation.
2. Expression used to describe aggressive intentions and actions hidden by apparently unaggressive actions.
3. A defence mechanism which allows people who do not feel at ease with being openly aggressive to obtain what they want by trying to please others.

From April 5 to May 18 Massimo De Carlo presents Passive Aggressive, a group show with works by John Armleder, Dan Colen, Gelitin, Rashid Johnson, Nate Lowman, Steven Parrino, Josh Smith, Piotr Uklański and Kaari Upson.
Passive Aggressive brings together great masters and young, international  artists to offer an unprecedented point of view towards their work. The works in Passive Aggressive are torn, perforated, worn out, stained, and burnt. The artists of Passive Aggressive express their resistance to the system fighting their daily battle against the surface, the space and even the nature.